If you have a question for the organisers, contact us at info@ikivelomaratonas.lt



Is it allowed to participate in “IKI Velomarathon” without a helmet?

The safety of participants and spectators is the most important aspect of the event for the organisers, so participants are only allowed to participate in the race wearing a helmet.

Is it allowed to carry a child in a special seat attached to the bike?

Considering the safety of the event, we highly recommend not to carry children on your bikes.

What should I do if I want to change or to delete my registration data?

If you want to change your registration data, please contact us at the email given above. Remember, that the latest date that you can change your data is denoted in the event terms.

Why is important to fill in the registration form correctly?

Those who register for “IKI Velomarathon” early will get personalized race numbers, which have their name and surname on. It is also important for the teams to indicate their team name correctly, because teams participating in Amateurs group will get sequential numbers.

Will Amateurs group be timed?

Amateurs group will not be timed. Only CRAMO Sport and CRAMO Semi-Sport groups will be timed. The latter groups will race for the best results, while amateurs will ride for pleasure.

What are the advantages of participating in an Amateurs group?

Amateurs group can choose the distance (10, 20 or 30 km), they also do not need to give way to the faster participants because they will start at a different time. Amateurs group is ideal for those who want to ride with their family, friends, or colleagues’ team.

What are the advantages of participating in Semi-Sport group?

Semi-Sport group is for those who want to choose a shorter distance in a Sport group. The distance of the Semi-Sport group is 50 km, while the Sport group’s – 100 km. The participants of this group are timed, first ten are awarded, and they start together with the Sport group.

Why will professionals, amateurs, and children start in different groups?

Three different groups are formed for the convenience of the participants and due to the large number of participants.

Is it allowed to participate with a fixed gear or other non-standard bike?

Yes, as long as the bike is in a good condition, has working breaks, and does not cause any danger for the other participants.