2,4 km distance is for the children up till the age of 12 (born after 19th of August 2012, inclusive). Children group’s participants can be accompanied by parents or guardians. Parents / guardians can accompany participants on foot, i.e. walking or running alongside the route. Those who wish to accompany the participants by bike must start at the end of the participants’ group.

Children’s group is one for boys and girls. This group is not timed (result is not indicated).

Important! From the start to the finish participants must wear properly fixed helmets and ride bikes which are in a good working condition.

All the children get medals at the end of “IKI Velomarathon” distance.

“IKI Velomarathon” children’s route: Goštauto str. including turning a round at Baltasis bridge and coming back. Start of children group is situated next to Žvėrynas bridge and finish line is situated next to Parliament house of Lithuanian Republic (Gedimino Ave. 53).

IKI Velomarathon 2023 CHILDREN’S ride moments: