CRAMO Sport / Semi-Sport

CRAMO Sport / Semi-Sport

Semi-Sport (for fast amateur cyclists)
It is a group for men, born between 1972 and 2004 (inclusive), who want to try themselves in a half distance (50 km) race for time.

Sport (for professional cyclists)
It is a group for participants (both men and women), born until 2010 (inclusive), who want to try themselves in 50 km or 100 km distances (depending on the subgroup) and race for time. For more information check the Terms and conditions.


“IKI Velomarathon” route: Gedimino ave., Šventaragio st., T. Vrublevskio st., Arsenalo st., and T. Kosciuškos st. (turning around at Antakalnio roundabout and then going back), Mindaugo bridge, Žvejų st., Upės st., Vytauto st., A. Mickevičiaus st. over Žvėryno bridge, A. Goštauto st. (turning around at the White bridge and going back), Gedimino ave.

“IKI Velomarathon” route makes a closed circle. CRAMO Sport and Semi-Sport race goes anticlockwise, with start and finish at Lithuanian Republic Seimas Palace (Gedimino ave., 53). The length of the route is approximately 10 km.