DECATHLON amateurs

DECATHLON amateurs

It is a group for all cycling enthusiasts born until 18th of August 2012 (inclusive). Amateurs group is one both for men and women. The participants can choose the distance and ride 10, 20 or 30 km.

Important! From the start to the finish participants must wear properly fixed helmets and ride bikes which are in a good working condition.

Hobby ride is not timed (result is not indicated).


“IKI Velomarathon” route: Gedimino ave., Šventaragio st., T. Vrublevskio st., Arsenalo st., and T. Kosciuškos st. (turning around at Antakalnio roundabout and then going back), Mindaugo bridge, Žvejų st., Upės st., Vytauto st., A. Mickevičiaus st. over Žvėryno bridge, A. Goštauto st. (turning around at the White bridge and going back), Gedimino ave.

“IKI Velomarathon” route makes a closed circle. Hobby ride goes anticlockwise, with start and finish at Lithuanian Republic Seimas Palace (Gedimino ave., 53). The length of the route is approximately 10 km.


IKI Velomarathon 2023 HOBBY ride moments: